As our organization reaches the end of its Bible translation task here in Peru, we are faced with new challenges and lots of changes. Most of these changes seem to be at the administrative level. Here is what José does for work:

  1. Supervise Peruvian employees that work in the areas of maintenance (of our office), accounting, reception, and logistical support.
  2. Oversee the computer department, which provides technical help for our missionary colleagues and Peruvian partners. Depending on the situation, this support is sometimes done remotely.
  3. Provide short workshops for our Peruvian patners in how to give computer support in the work of Bible translation.
  4. Coordinate with local organizations the importation of printed Scripture and other biblical material, and help transport these materials to the communities where they'll be used.

Diapers, miniature clothes, laundry, early AM feedings, stoller -- these are the things that constitute my (Lisa's) life right now and I love it! I wouldn't trade it for anything. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. It really is a privilege to be a mother. As I'm able, I help with small projects from home. Also, I'm reading a lot about caring for missionaries and MKs (missionary kids), which is something I never had time to do when I worked full-time.

It is a joy to know that people like you help us through prayer and giving. Many indigenous people are blessed each day as they hear the gospel in their own language. Thank you for being a part of this work.

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