Vision 2025 was adopted by Wycliffe around the world in the year 1999. It states that we aim, by God's grace, to see a Bible translation at least begun in every language needing one by 2025. There are approximately 110 affiliated organizations working with churches, language communities, and partner organizations to accomplish Vision 2025. The target date is less than 17 years away. Pray for Wycliffe and all Bible agencies and churches to remain clearly in tune with the Lord's direction as all work towards this goal of Scripture in every language.

By clicking here you can read about the work that God has José and Lisa doing here in Peru. We also have the story of how God led us to serve in missions.

This video shows a bit of our work and about our daily life. We did it in May, so it's a tiny bit out of date. We'll work on a new one soon!

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